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Our system shows homeowners how much they could save by going solar.

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We’re Committed to Clean Energy

Our goal is to help create a world that runs without fossil fuels. By providing homeowners with a simple way to understand their home solar potential, we believe that it will be easier for them to make a decision on going Solar.

If we make Solar and other forms of clean energy a priority we can clean up the Earth and make it a better place to live for our future generates. While it may take time, converting the planet to clean energy is the logical next step in the evolution of our society.

Accurate Pricing

Our advanced analytics calculate home savings.

Real Time

Data is pulled from multiple sources in real-time.

Direct to Installer

We give homeowners a way to buy with no middle man.



Every second someone is using our system to calculate their solar savings potential.

358,751 kWh

Solar Installed

Many people who use our system end up installing a solar system.

$56 Mill+

Amount Saved on Power

Thousands of consumers are saving money every day with their solar systems.

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